Dogs are more than just pets, they are family members. These members require a lot of work on the owners end of the leash as well as the dog’s end. We are here to help make this easier for the whole family.

We approach every situation just like it was our own dog’s. Giving the owner and dog their own time to understand and strive to be great. No dog is the same, each training session is modified to fit your dog’s needs. We don’t just train dogs, we show you the steps to be successful in your training at home.

Our mission is to create a positive experience between dog and owner.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“Backyard Canine Academy is by far the BEST place when it comes to dog training! They are so caring and compassionate about what they do and the animals they work with! Watching them in action is surreal at times with just how in tune they are with each and every animal that comes their way! I would trust my dog with anyone else! And then seeing the difference from before and after is amazing! Just have to remember to keep working with them at home or more than 1 class bc its not a 1 and done thing. But SO worth it!!”

-S Jones

“Backyard Canine Academy has both knowledgeable and professional trainers. As a fellow professional dog trainer I enjoy working with other professional trainers because I’m always a student. Just after two sessions my dog is doing much better with advanced level skills that I will need to compete with him. Very happy and highly recommended. Very motivating, encouraging, and fun atmosphere.”

-Kelsey W

“This team of trainers are amazing!!! I struggle to leave my dogs with just anyone and I can honestly say I don’t regret it at all!!! Titan was smiling ear to ear the first night and has done so well with them! All of the trainers have treated Titan as if he was their dog and they don’t over price you!!! It’s affordable training without a lose I’m skill level!!! They are all just out right amazing!!!”

-Jazmin B

“Siren” In Loving Memory