Our Team

Meet the Backyard Canine Team

Chris, Murphy (left) & Axel (right)

Chris Weber

Dog Trainer

Chris is the owner and founder of Backyard Canine Academy. He got his start in dog training when he got his first Malinois-X, Murphy In 2019. Chris believes that structure and disciple will breed positive and lasting results. He is a hands on trainer that strives to help clients understand the “why” of what they are doing and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. When he isn’t working with clients you can find him training his own dogs (Murphy-PDC) and Axel for the sport of PSA. While away from training dogs he loves spending time with his two daughters Ryley and Reagan and his wife Misty. Chris also just received his and AKC CDC Evaluator certification.

Justin Lee

Dog Trainer

Justin, Zoey (left) & Junior (right)

Justin is a trainer at Backyard Canine Academy. He started with what was hobby training his own personal dog, to a passion for helping people develop a long lasting relationship with their furry friend. Justin believes that not one solution fits all problems and he is there to help you find out what works best! His main goal is to see each and every client succeed in building a strong healthy bond between dog and handler. Justin also competes in PSA with his dog Junior. So far they have achieved a PDC and are in preparation for their level one. Competitiveness doesn’t stop there! He also bass fishes local and B.F.L tournaments. Justin is married to his beautiful wife Stephanie who is also the business photographer.

Misty & Koa

Misty Weber

Dog Trainer

Misty started her role with Backyard Canine by helping Chris start the business from the ground up. In the beginning she could be found booking appointments, handling finances and managing all of the administrative duties; all while being a full time mom of two girls. Since starting the business Misty also works a Dutch shepherd female named Koa who is training in PSA. Misty has a passion for working puppies and has since taken the lead on the puppy board and train program.

Chris & Murphy and Justin & Junior PDC Certification

Both Chris and Justin practice what they preach! When they say dog training isn’t a one time thing, it is something you have to continue to upkeep and build on. Obedience is the foundation to any goal you have for your dog. Whether your goal is to take your dog to the park, out with you in public, or maybe you want your dog to serve a bigger purpose in their life…obedience is where it all begins. House pet, Sport dog and everything in between…it all starts there!